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Discover a comprehensive booking solution for all your invoices - from paper to booking! Say goodbye to manual splitting and sorting through endless documents. Seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack!

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Experience a cutting-edge invoice processor that streamlines invoice and receipt management. Effortlessly split multi-page documents, accurately categorize non-invoice paperwork, and obtain precise booking details for even the most intricate invoices.

Smart Processing

Effortlessly manage complex invoices and receipts with automatic extraction and correction of booking details.


Seamlessly split multi-page documents without manual intervention, streamlining your workflow.

Document Classification

Accurately recognize and categorize non-invoice documents, simplifying your organization process.

Software Compatibility

Enjoy seamless integration with a wide range of accounting software, thanks to support for various industry standards.


Experience an intuitive system that requires no extensive setup or training, making it easy to use and adopt.

Comprehensive Data

Benefit from complete and accurate data extraction, ensuring efficient and quick bookings for your business.

InvoiceGPT allows you to pay as you go, with no long-term contracts or commitments.
We also have no cure no pay policy. If we can't process your invoice, you don't pay!

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